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Vibebuoy™ No-Pump Swim Trainer Arm-Ring Vest, by Mambobaby

Vibebuoy™ No-Pump Swim Trainer Arm-Ring Vest, by Mambobaby

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" Absolutely a game-changer for swim time with my lil one! Was so done with the hassle of pumping and the fear of deflating rings. This floaties solid, secure, and super simple to use. Pool days are now the highlight of our week! "
Dorothy U.

Discover the joy of worry-free water play, where more fun means more smiles!

  • 👶 Hassle-free setup
  • 🏊 Immediate water fun
  • 🛡 ️ Leak-proof security
  • 🌈 Fits babies universally

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  • Suitable for kids 30 - 70 lbs
  • Unique swim jacket trainer helps develop confidence by assisting in floating, paddling, and swimming
  • Premium PearlFoam, eco-friendly, moisture-proof, breathable, lightweight; BPA Free; soft and warm in water
  • Adjustable buckle at the back for easy fitting and comfort; safety clip for secure wear; ensures freedom of movement
  • Large easy slip-on arm rings designed for stability and safety; acts like a life jacket
  • Inspired by ship lifebuoys, no inflation needed for safety!
  • Unlike inflatable swimming rings prone to breakage and leaks, this non-inflatable option ensures safety and durability.
  • Eliminates risks of air leaks or breakage, reducing the chance of drowning incidents.
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😎 Make a Splash: Instant Fun, Zero Inflation, Maximum Safety!

Say goodbye to breathless blowing and hello to instant splashy adventures with the Vibebuoy™ No-Pump Swim Trainer. This swim accessory invites your tot to jump into the fun without delay, offering your little one a fortress of security with its reliable PearlFoam™ technology and leak-proof design.

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Embrace More Laughter and Less Fuss in the Sun! 😄

Imagine a stress-free poolside experience where your child’s giggles are the only thing you need to inflate! The Vibebuoy™ Swim Trainer’s, No-Pump convenience empowers you to spend quality parent-child time, thanks to its quick clip-on design, adjustable fit, and skin-friendly fabric for the ultimate in aquatic enjoyment.

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No More One-Size Misfits and Flimsy Floaties? 🏖️

Every child is unique, and the Vibebuoy™ No-Pump Swim Trainer celebrates that diversity. With an enlarged arm circle, adjustable bust, and comforting soft cloth, it provides a snug, buoyant embrace for a wide range of ages and sizes—ensuring that every water moment is a comfortable and joyous one.

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  • Susan B.

    "Wow! My baby loves it! 😍 No more worries about accidental punctures and the adjustable arm rings and back buckle are just perfect. Such a relief to see my baby comfy and enjoying the water safely."

  • Kimberly I.

    "Bought this for my 15-month-old and it’s amazing. The material feels high quality and it doesnt irritate her skin. The safety buckle gives me peace of mind. It’s so lightweight and dries fast after use. Plus, its adorable to see her floating and kicking in the pool!"

  • Lisa W.

    "Super impressed with the design and sturdy quality! My kiddo can’t get enough of floating and kicking around. I wish we’d found this sooner. Makes for epic summer fun!"

  • Jessica A.

    "This swim vest works wonders! Its like my babys personal swimmer. Safe, easy, and fun. Definitely recommend to all the water-loving little ones out there!"🤽🏼‍♀️💦


Get your Vibebuoy™ No-Pump Swim Trainer now and dive into into effortless fun! There's nothing but waves of joy ahead!

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